Session III: Robinson-Broadhurst Camp


This summer will be the 30th consecutive year of the Robinson-Broadhurst Camp in Worcester. The camp has been averaging over 100 campers per year with many coming from surrounding communities. Another large turnout is expected this July. Chris Kaltenbach, boys’ coach at Worcester, has seen a difference from the camp, “I believe that this camp has had a major influence on the skill development of our players.”

Worcester Central School offers outstanding facilities for the camp: plenty of space for individual skills, tactical situations and games and the nearby pool for recreation time. The gym is also used for indoor matches. Worcester Central boys and girls had exceptional fall seasons in the past couple of years. Camp organizers and coaches feel the camp was a tremendous help. Jim Kenyon, girls coach, “The Headwaters Camp enables players of all ages and abilities to develop their skills at a comfortable pace, with each player optimizing their abilities in the many phases of the game. The process has been reflected in the higher level of soccer exhibited in our local high school programs.”

Donald VanEtten, President & Executive Director • The Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation, Inc. • Title Sponsor
“The Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation is dedicated to supporting projects which benefit the community. We are happy to be involved with the Headwaters Soccer Club because we are interested in the well-being of youth, our hope for the future.”

Rob Bryan, Sales Rep • BSN Sports • Clifton Park, NY • Tee-Shirt Sponsor
“We support the Headwaters Soccer Club and their efforts by offering top quality camps for youth at such an unbelievably low price.”

Jamie Reynolds, Regional Executive & Senior Vice President • NBT Bank • Tee Shirt Sponsor
“NBT is committed to serving our area youth in the many communities where our branch offices are located.”

Susan Law Dake, Public Affairs Director • Stewart’s Shops • Water Bottle Sponsor
“Stewart’s Shops are committed to giving to all the communities in which our shops are located. We are especially interested in giving to children.”