Session IV: The Middleburgh Telephone Company Camp


The 28th annual Middleburgh Telephone Company Camp is being held at Mine Kill State Park. Celebrating over 100 years of business, The Middleburgh Telephone Company management and employees will continue to enhance the value of the company and provide its customers with the latest technologies and services. As a four-generation, family-owned, independent telephone company, Middleburgh Tel remains committed to serving customers in a personalized manner and welcomes the challenges and opportunities for growth in the future.

The entire Becker family has been committed to providing support for the Headwaters Soccer Club Camp program. The family feels that the development of our area youth, especially in the smaller communities, will be extremely beneficial not only today, but tomorrow as well.

The Becker Family, The Middleburgh Telephone Company • Middleburgh, N.Y. • Title Sponsor
“Looking toward the future, our youth today are this country’s tomorrow. The sponsors are involved with promoting youth through various activities, and we feel this program is very worthwhile and beneficial to the youth involved. We are honored to be supporters.”

Heidi Eisel, CEO • Robinson Terrace • Tee Shirt Sponsor
“I feel strongly that businesses should put something back into their community. What better way to accomplish this than supporting soccer which is not only one of the fastest growing sports in the country, but also is a great character builder for the youth of our area.”

Chip Seamans, General Manager • Windham Mountain • Tee Shirt Sponsor
“Windham Mountain’s mission is healthy, wholesome outdoor recreation and we’re thrilled to partner with another organization with the same focus. The Headwaters Soccer Camp program is a huge asset to this region.”

Jamie Reynolds, Regional Executive & Senior Vice President • NBT Bank • Tee Shirt Sponsor
“NBT is committed to serving our area youth in the many communities where our branch offices are located.

Kevin & Ann Hull, Owners • Karl W. Reynard, Inc. General Insurance • Stamford, NY • Water Bottle Sponsor
“Participating in the Headwaters Soccer Camp sponsorship was an easy decision for us. The exposure area kids receive from the talented, highly skilled staff combined with the low cost of the camp, provide the experience necessary to be successful soccer players.”