Session VII: Wightman Speciality Woods – Elting Family Camp

*includes goalkeepers session

Since 1945, the Wightman family has brought qualiIty wood products to Upstate New York. Wightman SpecIalty Woods offers wholesale and retail customers a varied selection of northeastern hardwood and white pine products. From their managed timberlands and professionally trained timber crews to their state-of-the-art dry kilns and milling facilitIes, WIghtman’s strives to produce the best product with the greatest care. Located off Route 28 in Portlandville, N.Y., they can also be found at or 607-286-9201.

Dave Wightman, President • Wightman SpecIalty Woods, Portlandville, N.Y. • Title Co-Sponsor
“Our family has benefited greatly from participation in athletics. We are happy to support the Headwaters Soccer Camps as they provide quality training opportunities to young players and coaches.”

The Elting Family in memory of Dr. James Elting • Title Co-Sponsor
“A long time sponsor of this camp, Dr. James Elting practiced orthopaedic surgery at both A.O. Fox and M.I. Bassett hospitals for close to 40 years. An athlete himself, Jim was an early practioner of sportsmedicine and could be found on the sidelines of many high school and college games, both in an official capacity as a team doctor, and in his favorite as a fan. To honor his memory and his belief in the value of sport for life, his family is delighted to support Headwaters again.”

Adrienne Raville, Director • Bassett Healthcare Network • Michael Ranieri, Owner • Catskill Mountain Balloon, Oneonta, N.Y. • William (Bill) Ellis, Agent • State Farm Insurance, Oneonta, N.Y. • Peter Armao, Vice President • Country Club Auto Group, Oneonta, N.Y. • Bob Thomas, President • Sixth Ward Athletic Club, Oneonta, N.Y. • Joe Sutaris, Senior Vice-President of Central Region • Community Bank • Beth Goetz, Oneonta Market Street Manager & Pam Conklin, Oneida Street Manager • Sidney Federal Credit Union • Dave Hotaling , Transit Director • Oneonta Public Transit • Steve Schmidt, Owner • Tri-County Glass • Jamie Reynolds, Regional Executive & Senior Vice President • NBT Bank • John Hamor, Principal • Four Corners Energy •  Tee Shirt Sponsors
“We all recognize the importance of quality youth programs, like the Headwaters Soccer Camp, in our childrens’ development. We are privileged to join with other community-minded businesses who have chosen to invest in the future of our youth through their support of this worthwhile program.”

Jeff Back, Owner • Fyr-Fyter, Inc., Oneonta, N.Y. • Water Bottle Sponsor
“Fyr-Fyter is honored to support safe and healthy activities for today’s and tomorrow’s future.”